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A Cautionary Tale (Love isn’t for sale)

By: Lisa Mary Armstrong

Is love a gamble or

a game we must play?

She promised that he’d love me

till his dying day

I bought a love potion

from a witch on the web

I would have given the ocean

Sold my soul instead

This was no fairy-tale

or love at first sight

but a spell that induced madness

and robbed her of light

A sickness with no cure

you’ll be sorry for sure

for this undying love

An un-healthy obsession

You’d watch his eyes catch fire

He called you his possession

it was a deadly desire

Love needs patience

in order to grow

When you meddle with magic

you reap what

you sow


Lisa Mary Armstrong is a Scottish poet and law tutor researching women and children's experiences of the criminal justice system. In what's left of her spare time she enjoys writing poetry and fiction, drinking tea and playing the piano. Her poetry has been published in @poeticallymag @aurorajournal @fahmidanjournal and forthcoming in @dwellinglit @royalrosemag @TheIndianFemRev @dailydrunkenmag

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