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Submission are closed.

Wretched Creations is looking for horror that sends shivers down our spines, makes our stomachs turn, or leaves us scratches our heads. 

We want your pulp, your weird, your nightmares. If you think it's spooky, we want to read it.

It is important to us that we be available to marginalized people and their voices. We welcome all works from all walks of life. <3

Issue 1.7: Nightmares


Micro Fiction

1-299 words. Do your worst.


Flash Fiction: 

300-1000 words, as complete as you can get it. 

Short Stories

1001-2500 words. The bigger the story, the better it needs to be. 


One poem, any length.

Poetry should be dark, haunting, creepy. Please forgive us where it comes to form, we are new and limited!  

The more important the spacing, the more important a pdf is. 


Send an email to WretchedCreationsMag [at] Gmail [dot] Com (



  • We do accept simultaneous submissions.  Please let us know as soon as it's accepted elsewhere!

  • Please send only one piece at a time. Once you get an answer, consider sending another!

  • Currently not accepting reprints. Will reconsider in the future.

  • Wretched Creations does not currently offer payment. This may change in the future.




  • Send as an attachment. PDF, RTF, .Docx. Whichever works best for you!

  • Standard manuscript formatting is preferred. (Address and other personal information not required)

  • We love all cover letters, no need to overthink it!

  • Send a short third-person bio, with any social media links you want to be included. :)

Legal stuff

  • ​We claim first electronic rights and non-exclusive archival rights. We request exclusivity for 30 days post-publishing. 

  • If the work is published elsewhere, we ask that you credit Wretched Creations as the first publisher.

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