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Best Wedding Dresses for Pear-Shaped Brides

By: K. Blair

I pull myself out of the earth

from beneath the pear tree,

struggling against the roots

A lace ripping rebirth

You left me here

in this abandoned orchard,

where summer fruit moths

have desecrated the crops

Everything is fermentation

Cider sour

Panting on the surface,

what a thing it is

to be breathing again.

Is this how the moths feel

when they emerge?

Did I dissolve down there,

my matter undoing itself

A brand-new creature

The average lifespan of a

moth is eighteen days

Will I be so lucky?

You buried me in spring

Whispering frantic prayers as

you dug with your fathers' shovel

His wedding gift

Was this always the intention?

I'll find out and like these moths

I will eat through to your core


K.Blair (she/they) is a proud member of London Queer Writers and helps to run and host their LGBTQ+ spoken word night, SPEAK =. They have been published in Spoken Word London’s Anti-Hate Anthology, The Valley Press Anthology of Prose Poetry, the Dear Damsels website and Opia magazine. Their favourite band is The Mountain Goats, their favourite ice cream flavour is mint choc chip, and her husband didn’t really die in mysterious circumstances, that’s just the way she dresses. Find her in the wild, on Twitter @WhattheBlair, on Instagram, @urban_barbarian.

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