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Night Noise

By: Brooke Kolcow

the crackle cackle crickets

and the creaking creepy tree chiroo chiroo the night noise makes chiroo chiroo chiree

the house sick aches a thousand let the peeping spirits be

knock thrice, night-witch, my baby cackle crack chiree

the frogs and toady beetles

lost owl in the shed

chiroo cackle cackle

a banshee wailing dead

a man in tattered garment

now brush he by the door

all silence make.


give kiss and this and more

a thousand salted doorways his footsteps echoed sinned a cricket haunted house ache but perhaps, perchance the wind


Brooke Kolcow is a queer writer living in Buffalo, NY. Their work has appeared in XRAY, Hobart After Dark, and Stone of Madness. Mx. Kolcow is also the Snack Mechanic at Taco Bell Quarterly. Twitter: @bkolcow

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